Marriage agencies reviews and ratings is one of the leading UK dating websites designed for heterosexual English singles of 18 years and over. represents a flirty dating website with a huge data base and interesting and fun features. The sign up process and low-tech feel are maybe the only frustrating things at

Visitors can implement their search on the pages of, but they won’t go far without registration. The site offers a free registration that consists of answering eighteen questions including basic information about you, short description of what you are looking for, and you real name, address and telephone number. All fields must be filled in. The annoying part is that you are offered a drop down list to choose from and it is rather limited.

The large list of questions that goes further on can be put off for the next time. Then you can upload photos and a thirty second video. And only after this process done the users can find out how much it will cost to contact other members registered at The free members can only surf around the site, but don’t get access to its actual features.

Besides Standard features that are variable at the majority of present dating websites (e-mail, instant messenger, chats, sending winks, flirts and smiles, favorite and blocked members),, there is an Admirers Section, where you can find people, who have sent you smiles, and you can also get on the site through cellular or mobile phone.

There are also unique features at there is a “Love Wall” on each profiles of the users that resembles much Facebook’s Wall apps, where people can post notes, photos, etc. so that the public can see them. Each love wall can host as many messages as possible, but each of them must not exceed 2000 characters. However, these Walls need to be approved before they will be posted.

As in the search function allows its users to create the list of words that describe themselves so that other members of the site can have better idea of them and would easily find them in search. However, the number of words is limited to nine at

Another interesting and unusual feature is “Love bomb”, it is a special option allowing every week the users of send another 100 members they are most compatible with the introductory note. One month subscription at costs £19.99, three months — £29.99 and £99.99 for a yearly subscription.