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How high are my hookup standards comparing to others

Does it matter to you who are you hookuping with? Then your standards are far from being low. Well, it’s very easy to test how high they are, with the help of this simple questionnaire.

  1. I hookup only model-looking girls who are tall, slim, with big boobs, long hair, and perfect sexual skills. If that is your answer, congrats, your standards are the highest.
  2. I get laid with good-looking women only, not obligatory young but sportive and feminine. Those are pretty high standards as well, they’re definitely above average.
  3. I hookup with popular chicks and make sure they perform well. If you’re relying on others’ opinion not on your own taste, those are average hookuping standards.
  4. I basically have sex with any girl who accepts, the quantity is more important to me than quality. If you go for this one, your hookup standards are rather low, so reconsider them.

In fact, having higher standards doesn’t make a person happier. It just makes things more challenging for him as he needs extra means to get laid with his high-quality sex target.


16 thoughts on “How high are my hookup standards comparing to others

  1. If you are looking to meet women online, join a dating forum and learn more about women.

  2. Most of these forums are free to join and have thousands of members, so you are sure to meet the perfect woman.

  3. Although it takes less time than meeting in person, you may find it cheaper and easier to make a date over the internet.

  4. However, make sure to know what you’re looking for in a woman before you start chatting with her.

  5. When meeting women online, it’s important to find someone you can relate to on a spiritual, intellectual, and social level.

  6. One of the most effective ways to build sexual tension in an online chat or email conversation is to use innuendos.

  7. This is because these words have a double meaning and can create opportunities for sexual tension.

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