Marriage agencies reviews and ratings Review (prices, user’s comments, real girls)

The first impression that lasts and strengthens doesn’t have an appealing design or very innovative features. What attracts male users in it then? Probably, some of the tricks it uses. You’ll also notice them if you take a look.

First of all, attracts you with women’s photo gallery on the main page, and these photos seem to be frank and naughty. But they only seem to be.

Such an impression appears because the majority of photos are selfies, made in front of computer or in a bedroom. They look mysterious and dark, due to their poor quality.

That’s all! It’s a secret of an intimate atmosphere you initially feel when you first browse the site. But let’s not rely on our hormones and try to analyze further.

Those selfies obviously weren’t meant for a dating site. If you know women’s psychology at least a little bit and ever dated a girl, you know how they behave before taking a photo.

They choose their best side of the face, wear their sexiest clothes, pose like professional models. They want to catch a man as soon as possible, and they would never post such pointless photos.

Maybe, they would send you a picture of such a poor quality in a private correspondence, if they’re stupid or out of photos at the moment, but they wouldn’t place it as a profile photo.

There is only one conclusion: the photos are mostly stolen from social network accounts and other open sources. They have nothing to do with their real owners’ life and intentions.

Another illusion that creates, concerns its free services. The users are really promised the site is completely free, while only registration is free.

Monthly fees and pay-per-service fees quickly prove the site isn’t free at all, and it’s not really clear why would the developers need to trick people so hard.

If you aren’t a beginner in online dating, you already know that each and every dating platform allows or even initiates the scammers’ presence, in a bigger or smaller percentage.

It is a typical issue very difficult to avoid and one can only learn how to weed out the wrong folks. But it’s too frustrating when nearly all the database consists of scammers and catfishers.

The next conclusion one can easily make while reviewing is that it does nothing to provide its customers with a good online protection and safety. There’s no customer support!

It’s a fact, you cannot find any email address, contact us field, or other data for sending a request. It leaves the customers completely helpless in front of the army of scammers.

Moreover, the team is cynical enough to warn you about the danger of being scammed, in their blog / on other pages. Isn’t it cynical indeed to describe in detail their own tricks and fraud?

If you have a habit to check other users’ reviews before joining the dating site, you’ll find some disturbing information as well. Only a few hundreds have liked the platform that claims to be multi-million.

Several reviews recently posted on the Internet, paint in the darkest colors. Sometimes it can be done for a sake of competition, but in this case, the critics seems fair enough.

Although the majority of those reviewers indeed advertise their preferred sources, what they say about is true, and basically they warn you to stay away from it at all costs.


You joined: what comes next?

However, there are always some risky or sexually obsessed guys who try the platform no matter how fishy and salty it turns to be. For these categories of folks, we keep on analyzing the site.

Once your profile is created, you immediately start receiving messages, invites, and ice-breakers from female users. Too quick? Right, it doesn’t feel natural at all!

All the messages are full of fake sweetness and silly stereotypes. Basically, these fake personalities are trying to catch a man’s attention with vulgar offers or flattering words.

Once you reply to some of them, you have to deal with their complaints and requests, mostly connected with the money. Of course, they live in poorest regions and have just lost the family member.

Such situations are so expected and predictable, the lack of these people’s imagination almost hurts. In addition, women who ask for money or for some extra payment on the site, live in Ghana or similar locations.

It makes them especially recognizable and suspicious. Why would a single western man correspond with a woman from Ghana who is too far away and obviously needs his support?

Men who are naive enough to go further with these weird and needy penpals, face very illogical and messy letters or messages with zero trustworthy personal information.

These bots or scammers avoid answering personal questions, confuse the facts they shared with you before, if they ever did, and disappear when you suggest to meet in real.

Now, what is the point of using such a platform, if it does nothing for you? It promises hook-ups, but they don’t take place, it is called a dating site, but you never go out with anyone from there.

The saddest thing is that all the fraud is commercialized and you keep on paying for nothing if you still aren’t disappointed enough. Along with that, customer support is non-existent and mute.

As dating experts, we’ll be happy if some folks save their money by never joining, but if they did, they won’t waste more than only one payment.

Unfortunately, fraudulent platforms overfill the dating market, but they have certain common traits and red flags helping to detect them as soon as possible and remain safe.


How to detect the fraudulent platforms

Dating experts aren’t always around to provide you with a piece of advice, so it’s better if you know some basic rules how to differ the legit site from the fraudulent one.

Never underestimate the importance of design. The developer who gladly invested into trendy cover and ultra-modern interface, normally doesn’t have an intention to fool its customer.

It’s because such owners have plenty of respect towards people who join, and want them to receive pleasure since the first moments of usage. It creates the feeling of reliability and trust.

Another tendency that has been noticed in regard of design, is that dating giants like AnastasiaDate, the Match and others chose to have a very simple and typical design.

There is only a signing up field, the women’s gallery, and a few basic facts about the platform that sound like a self-advertisement. Such main pages aren’t innovative in any way.

It’s their way to keep the budget low while receiving a lot of profit, but they manage to be more or less effective and legitimate, still. So this kind of design isn’t a red flag.

However, you should be really, really careful and watch out if design is miserable. The platforms that disrespect the users so much and save the money too thoroughly, will never serve you well.

Ok, this is understood. Let’s move to another point: the quality of girls’ profiles. You won’t believe how much this point speaks for itself! And it really does.

Of course, when women’s profiles are too fine and glamorous, it makes you wonder. How come all females in the database look like professional models in expensive dresses?

But, it isn’t the worst option you may face. There are certain countries and cities where gorgeous girls prevail and it isn’t an artificial phenomenon. We won’t even name such cities, there are too many worldwide.

Plus, local dating agencies always make sure that mail-order-brides look perfectly and present their best qualities. They invest into makeup, clothes rent, studio photo shoot, or encourage the girls to invest.

It doesn’t mean all of the girls are the complete trap and fraud though. To keep their reputation alive, such let’s say glamorous dating agencies also care to register serious-minded girls.

The worst option is exactly the profiles like the ones you see on with the poor-quality selfies, no proper makeup, face impression, or any other signs of commitment.

Such profiles are usually vague, non-informative, non-logical, plus the indicated location is somewhere far like small African towns or Ukrainian villages.

Finally, you should pay attention to the presence of customer support team. If they openly share their contacts on the main page or within the Terms and Conditions, and you can reach them, it’s great!

But if there’s no such info or they never answer when you are trying to contact them, forget about this platform. They won’t help you in case serious issues or technical failures take place.