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Dream-Singles Review ( how to meet ukraine women?)


What it offers

Comparison to the competitors



Top dating strategies for DS

Profile photo analyzing

The first date strategies



Dream-Singles is a classical and well-known site for international dating, particularly, for Russian dating. The former name is Dream-Marriage so it’s obviously focused on long-term relationships.

The site functions since 2003 and gathers 8.5 mln. views a month. Signing up is free, while a further communication requires a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond membership, with extra credits.

What it offers

DS layout shows us a kissing couple of a middle-age American with a young Russian model. It basically greatly depicts the whole concept, dating a beautiful younger girl from Eastern Europe.

The site requires from a girl her ID scan and pre-moderates the profiles, as well as correspondence. Despite this anti-scam policy, the high popularity of the sire creates the risk of the fraud.

There’s no chance to use this top dating site as a virtual sex platform or a hookup database. Video chats are meant to make sure a girl is real, and to establish an emotional connection before the meeting.

Comparison to the competitors

DS is often compared to AnastasiaDateand look-alike sites. It’s also classical, Russian-focused, and marriage-oriented. Let’s see what really unites them and what differs them, in detail.


  • Old-fashioned, non-trendy style
  • Complicated system of credits
  • Studio photos of model-looking girls
  • Bad English of girls, the need in interpreters
  • Beauty contests and galleries
  • Three-way call with an interpreter
  • Real gifts delivery
  • Date Me option for the first date in real
  • Money requests should be reported


  • No romantic tours on DS
  • Much slower and colder customer support
  • Profile photos are messed up a bit and look stolen
  • A smaller number of success stories

Top dating strategies for DS

As we can see from the differences of these two sites, one needs a special strategy for succeeding on Dream-Singles. Even if he’s experienced already in dating on AnastasiaDate, he may need new skills.

And on a contrary, if someone has had negative experiences on similar sites, it might not be the case with DS. It’s still worthy of taking a chance and creating your own success story on the site.

  • Contact only the girls who speak good English. It’ll provide qualitative videochats and save your money on interpreters when you talk on a phone or finally meet in person.
  • Watch out in video chats. Some video sessions are pre-recorded and being played repeatedly, plus the girl in this case cannot perform things you are asking her about.
  • Discuss the meeting from the start: mention you’re limited in money, require exact details of the place of meeting and possible scenario of the first date, her family info.
  • Avoid ordering expensive gifts, but do not ignore important holidays either, such as the girl’s Birthday, New Year, Women’s Day, etc. Send a virtual gift or a postcard by mail.
  • Analyze all personal data. It would be impolite to request a girl’s ID, but we can always ask for her home selfies, family pictures, photos of her working place or the classroom.

Profile photo analyzing

Dating experts recommend paying a special attention to girls’ photos, since they carry 90 percent of the information, just we don’t know how to withdraw it. Here are some tricks gathered for you.

Studio photos are totally ok, since the girl is either involved with the local marital agency who arranges the photo shoots, or she is a professional model herself. It often happens in Russia.

What’s not ok, is a kind of photos that look like meant for other purposes, not for online dating. They seem to be stolen from girls’ social pages or from their photographers’ private portfolios.

There are pictures where the girl’s hair is waving on the wind and partially covering her face, where she’s jumping on a beach or doing whatever weird not associated with romantic posing on a camera.

Better don’t start talking to such a female user no matter how attractive she is, or talk carefully and stop instantly as soon as you have noticed a suspicious behavior. There are plenty of such profiles on DS.

Casual photos are probably the best option, since they prove a girl isn’t so involved with commercial agencies and promotes herself by her own means. Casual photos are less edited in Photoshop.

Thanks to that, you know exactly how a girl looks in reality, and can observe her natural environments such as home, garden, work, city streets, parties at friends’, or local restaurants.

The first date strategies

First date can be the sweetest memory in one’s life, but can also turn into a nightmare. In any case, it requires a thorough preparation from both sides and most importantly, getting rid of illusions.

Is a girl you found on DS, interested in meeting you any time? Or, does she run for excuses and reasons not to meet, sometimes with some convoluted and quite fantastic explanations?

The Date Me option that Dream-Singles provide, is a good opportunity to discipline the girls Bimbos who are after endless chatting and gifts delivery only. It won’t cost you more than 200$.

But let’s be clear, usually single men want something more than just buying a meal to a girl in her city, paying for her taxi, and never seeing her again. The Date Me feature cannot guarantee that to you.

So, better try to find a Russian girl who readily accepts meeting you even without the site’ participation, who speaks some English, lives not far away from the city center, and can arrive by bus.

Such modest and down-to-earth personals make the best wives and girlfriends, it’s easy to plan things with them and arrange the good team together. Test them this way, and you’ll succeed on Dream-Singles.



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  1. European dating is perhaps one of the best ways to meet women from all over the world. It makes a very good living for people that are willing to travel all over the world.

  2. Europe is a continent with many small countries and big countries, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of fun and exciting women. This continent has a lot to offer to all kinds of people.

  3. The two largest countries in Europe are Germany and France, and they are home to lots of young people. There are even some areas of Europe that are similar to the United States.

  4. For example, there are a few regions of Russia that have a lot of Russians. Some of them come from the major cities of Russia, and others come from smaller towns. Many of these women are looking for the same things as American women.

  5. In Russia, they are always trying to find new ways to meet new people and make new friends. They also love to go to nightclubs and bars and meeting other people. They often make new friends and even date.

  6. There are some areas of Russia that are very conservative, and that is a problem for men. However, they are always trying to meet women in these places. Many of them prefer to go to clubs and bars, because they find these places safer than bars in the major cities.

  7. In places like the Caucasus Mountains, there are many areas that are very conservative. These women prefer to go to places where there is less of a crowd, where they are able to sit at a table and get to know someone better.

  8. European dating is a very good way to meet women from all over the world. There are many women that want to travel the world, and that is what European dating is all about.

  9. This is a very good way to meet a lot of different women. It can be done online, or through a real life encounter. In fact, many times, the online encounters are the best.

  10. Many of these women are just looking for the chance to make new friends and learn a little bit about the culture of the different countries. The European culture can be very different from the cultures of the US, and these women want to get to know them.

  11. Sometimes they will even take a little time off to travel to another country, just to meet new friends. If they do this, they will get to meet a lot of people, and that will make their life a lot easier.

  12. Women that are trying to date in Europe are always on the move. It helps that they are always moving around to meet a lot of different people. So when you are planning a European trip, there are some places that are worth checking out.

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