Marriage agencies reviews and ratings review

The flaws and pitfalls you’re going to face

The very first fact about that may interest you, is that it has been developed by the owners of famous AnastasiaDate. Let’s analyze whether it’s equally successful though.

The database would seem to be similar too as there are many girls with Russian and Ukrainian names in the gallery, but a big part of them live in the West. At least, their profiles say so.

The attractiveness of the girls and overall quality of their profiles are way lower than on Anastasia, which is another sign not all of them are registered via local agencies.

Now, if to take a look at the pricing, it can be called unreasonable, since it includes both the membership fee and credits purchase. With quite an average gallery, it doesn’t make much sense.

Pay-per-letter dating sites are a pain in the ass for international daters but at least everyone agrees that a huge database of real and active female members plus multiple services are worthy of payment.

However, there’s none of that on, so male users may start their complaints from senseless expenses. Only 20 credits are presented as a bonus while 1 letter costs 10 credits.

Then comes a long and complicated list of various services from ice-breakers to basic ones, and every step is paid. It may feel especially uncomfortable with such a weird database.

We call it weird because women come from unexpected locations such as poor African cities or mention only the western country but not the exact town. All of them are Eastern European though.

Those who’d reply to you and write something more than just an introductory letter, never share particular details even the exact town, and seem either too disinterested or too naughty.

In general, men admit they have a feeling that many girls are actually bots or catfishers. And even bots are too slow for keeping the business good or heating up a man’s emotions.

Our research shows there are real girls on too, but you should test each correspondent and be attentive in order to detect them. Some examples are below.

A very common red flag is the absence of personal story and unwillingness to tell it. As an option, the story can be told but later all facts will be mixed and replaced.

It means, the site or local agencies cannot even afford diligent workers who would do a catfisher job attentively. Instead, random co-workers write random things to random clients.

If it ever calms you down, the site is full of male bots as well, who are writing the nonsense to single western women. These fake men do not claim they are from Eastern Europe though.

The information above might be enough for you already to decide you don’t want to join this site. But as we said, there are true people, still, since you are one of them!


How to find a true genuine girl on this site

There are several ways to make your search successful. The first way is connected with a thorough reviewing of the profiles. The second way is connected with the correspondence.

While taking a look at the profiles, never be in hurry and consider every little detail. Real people do not make their profiles perfect but they do not make them stupid or messy either.

For example, it’s a red flag, when a girl indicates one age range for her perfect man and still contacts you although your age is out of this range. Also she finds excuses for that.

It’s obviously suspicious when she immediately starts calling you darling, sweetie, my beloved, and so on, without even getting acquainted. It’s a scammer’s behaviour.

The same comes to multiple letters from the same girl while you replied only once or twice. A genuine girl has no reasons to attack and shower you with letters and photos. She would wait for your answer.

Another disappointing trait of is that you may get similar letters from different girls, or even see the same profile photo in different profiles! So it’s advised to be very attentive.

When you already correspond with a girl and all seems ok, do not be afraid to discuss a future meeting with her. It’s never too early or inappropriate, and it’s a very good test of her intentions.

Some men make a mistake saying they don’t trust a girl yet to meet her anyway, but why should she read that? Just to be insulted or forced to end the correspondence with you?

Your plans remain your plans, and you still have to go on with your research and analysis. Make a fake move and tell her you are going to visit next month. Check her reaction.

If she immediately starts to find excuses or even disappears from your inbox, she’s obviously a catfisher or a bot. If she starts attacking you with suggestions and various warnings, watch out.

For example, a girl on may warn you that she lives in a countryside so the taxi will be double expensive; her English is bad so she may need an interpreter; and so on.

It means she cooperates with the local agency and they will do their best to charge you for extra services, but at the same time, there is a guarantee she’ll appear and spend time with you.

In this case, she may go further and ask you to pay for her English classes or a passport for travelling. No matter how beautiful and warm she is, wait for the real meeting and confirmation of her intentions.

Another danger is that a woman may start warning you about her strict father, sick mother or grandparents whose state of health prevents her of seeing you often. It’s such a typical bullshit.

The smallest trouble that may wait for you, is a girl’s greediness or a bit materialistic attitude. If she tries to pre-order the gifts you must bring with you, it’s not the worst thing but it may stress you.

But take a minute and think whether it’s so terrible, or rather cute. If she lives a modest life and pays endless bills without a man’s support, then a particular bag or face cream are a normal necessity for her.

You would bring something anyway, so use her hints and tips to not buy something she doesn’t need. You can save some money later if you want, by taking her to a smaller cafe.

Believe our dating experts, a girl who pre-orders some gift from you, is way better than the one who provides you with the taxi driver who is actually her local boyfriend, or tricks you in another way.

Relationship is an agreement, and it’s completely up to you whether it will be a romantic agreement or a commercial agreement where you are the main victim.

Be nice to the girl you met on if she passed all tests and exams you took her through, and she’ll be thankful in return. It’s exactly the case when you should take a risk.


More disadvantages you shouldn’t ever tolerate

However, we described the most optimistic scenario that rarely happens on If you’re a mature man who pretends to be wise and experienced, you should be ready to all scenarios.

Not only a girl’s behaviour can raise your doubts but also the technical part of this site and app. It is really far from being perfect, and it may discomfort you all the way long.

Sometimes it crashes or logs you off without any reason, also your password may be inactivated so it won’t work, and your profile can be banned without explanations.

Search filters are very messy and non-logical, they show results different from those you requested for. Geo-location doesn’t work either in case you want to find someone living nearby.

All this makes very hard to use and enjoy. You constantly feel confused and in need to struggle with all the imperfections you face there. It’s annoying!

The site cannot be called a hookup platform because you cannot detect someone on a neighbourhood and you’re too busy weeding out the bots. So it’s not amusing.

But it cannot be called a marital site or mail-order-bride site either, because female members seem to live in non-logical locations even for a distant relationship.

So to assume, we’d recommend only to the most patient men who have plenty of free time and plenty of money to win over some rare genuine girl on this platform.