Marriage agencies reviews and ratings Review (new era on dating scene)

What is it like to live a cougar life?

The time when women over 40 were done with their private life and they only had to wait for their grandchildren to appear, has gone decades ago. It’s a new era for cougars now.

This definition would never appear if not the feminist movement. Its eventual success caused the new social situation where women became able to build their careers or start a business.

Consequently, many of them manage to earn and save enough money at their 40s for becoming totally independent. For sure, they do not limit themselves by being old nannies.

Moreover, they don’t look like ones. Healthy lifestyle, trendy wardrobes, and cosmetic surgeries help to remain youthful even after 45 and 50. But that’s not all.

Only recently, scientists have proved women reach the peak of their sexuality in their 30s, while for guys this peak takes place much earlier, at their 17 – 18!

Later this age difference may reduce, but it’s a biological fact that older women satisfy young men better, and vice-versa. Now you know why cougar dating apps are so popular.

However, they can be divided into two categories. One category helps young attractive men, or cubs, to meet rich older women who would take a good care of their needs and career.

Another category of cougar apps and sites unites people for love and passion, not for getting a financial profit. In other words, these are not sugar dating platforms, and CougarLife isn’t, either.

This dating site and app is crazily popular and always in high demand, although it’s free only for women and costly for men. This principle  would actually work well even for sugar dating.

Why: because a woman is a target, still, and a guy should invest before getting a profit. Just like he invests in his muscles, haircut, wardrobe, teeth, for looking desirable.

However, the target audience of CougarLife are very sexy older women and financially independent guys who are sincerely interested in them. That is the view of the owner.

That’s probably why there are some fake accounts on CougarLife depicting gorgeous model-looking mature women wearing lingerie or swim suits and a lot of makeup.

It’s one of a few disadvantages of the platform and one of its illogical sides as well, but that is another story. Let’s focus on the main features and options before we proceed.


Is there a particular concept about CougarLife?

This platform may seem well-organized at first glance and quite messy at second. Even if to recall this site isn’t for sugar dating, still it’s not clear why mature women are advertised there and not young guys.

No one doubts that mature females are sexy and desirable as well, and surely a big part of young men are naturally attracted to them, but making them pay for getting closer is kind of fishy.

We all know that positioning mature women as sexual objects one should pay for, reminds of pornographic stuff. And mature webcam models on CougarLife confirm that negative concept.

Well, taking into account a big database of profiles on CougarLife, let’s just assume this dating source has diverse purposes from virtual sex to long-term partnerships.

The majority of female users are real, so it’s really like a big cougar market where every man can find his kind of lady. Which isn’t bad since other cougar platforms care only about their profit.

Naturally, very young guys will be searching for women sponsors anyway, and they certainly can be found among such a big number of mature females. It can be discussed in chats and letters.

This age group might actually have intense fantasies about older women as well, although they usually cannot pay for mommies’ services. Well, at least virtual sex exists for them.

Men over 25 and closer to 30 aren’t students already, they earn something or even have their own business. They certainly can afford both membership over there and even some real-time courtship.

This category of men might perceive mature women more seriously, like respected personalities and even life partners rather than only sex objects of financial sources.

So, doesn’t matter if they’re after hook-ups or something more lasting, they may find it on CougarLife. That is also why the platform is so much appreciated by young and youngish men.

Now, you’ll be surprised but men around 40 who are searching for women in their 50s or older, also happen there. What is their purpose, you may ask? And whether they succeed?

Again, their purpose can be different. Some men remain, or find themselves, in a tough financial situation even in their 40s, so they may expect some support from older mates.

Also nowadays, it isn’t hard for a man to look very youthful, fit, and well-groomed in his 40s. Some gigolo still work and still have success among mature chicks when they reach 40.

After all, the healthiest part of these middle-aged men are completely independent and need no mommy, they just enjoy experienced women’s company and their self-confidence in a bed.

Exactly for this category the platform has been created, at least the owners claim so. Equal relationships of strong individuals where a woman partner is a bit older.

We won’t judge the team of CougarLife for breaking their own conception and involving the webcam women for a better profit. The majority of dating apps are commercial so it’s the littlest evil.

Doesn’t matter followed for one hundred percent or not, the primary concept of CougarLife is simply perfect as it allows older women to be treated like personalities, not like sexual or financial objects.


The disadvantages and pitfalls: should you worry?

Every dating site and app has flaws, you cannot avoid that. Cougar dating platforms also come in different size and quality, if we can say so. CougarLife as a dating giant, isn’t an exception.

Like we already said, there are fake profiles for sure although not too many. If you know what to stay away from, you’ll have a safe and clear experience without worries.

However, if you like dramatic impressions or don’t mind virtual sex, you may pay some attention to extremely naughty or too glamorous profiles that will lead you to a costly adventure.

Another commercial trick of the site is that male users are actually encouraged to pay extra for viewing the women’s photo gallery, not to contact them in real or meet them.

Messaging isn’t convenient for many other reasons too. It is paid extra as well and quite expensive. Not many young men are that determined and well-provided, let’s be honest!

Moreover, there isn’t any history or messages that could be saved or reviewed. How can we talk about a serious attitude towards the correspondence at all then?

On another hand, that could be a sign of anonymity as a part of the concept. But we doubt the owners of CougarLife are that caring towards their customers and they meant exactly that.

If it was so, the platform would be positioned as the one for secretive hook-ups, but it isn’t. Quite the opposite, it considers long-term relationships, so messaging had to be fairly convenient.

Finally, if to talk about the app and not the desktop version, you’ll quickly notice numerous technical problems. It’s quite annoying after paying that much.

Basically, CougarLife is a promising and more or less stable platform with a big potential, yet a bit confusing and disappointing because so many sides of it are far from perfect.

Attracted by its fame and popularity, as well as a big database of real cougar women ready to meet, many young men would pay, but what comes next is somewhat messy.

Not only should they constantly weed out fake members, webcam 30+ girls, professional webcam women, dominatrix women, and so on, but also women have to sort the men out.

Why? Because the main criterion for joining is payment. No one really cares what age you are, before your profile approval. So women may get mad seeing senior men out there.

Like in many other cases in the dating market, we get what we get, and we have to accept that. But there is still hope big platforms like CougarLife will improve their features and overall services.