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Are gay hookups good for a first time: LGBT casual sex stories

Our big experience in sex always starts from the very first story. Most often, it can be awkward, especially if it’s a gay first meeting and hookup. So what do real gay men tell?

“Memorizing my first night with a gay man now, I can say it wasn’t the best option”, Dan says. “I was a bit scared and shy, didn’t like a person much, and the atmosphere was rather vulgar.

If I could change things, I would certainly prefer my first time to happen with a long-term partner”.

 “Peter and I, we met for sex via the gay dating app”, Michael shares. “It was the first time for me, so he felt much more confident. I wasn’t sure if it had been the right decision.

Some of my friends told me it was better for them to lose virginity as gay men in a longer relationship, with a certain commitment and romance. So I wondered how it will feel to me.

But surprisingly, I was excited enough to do that in a casual way and with such a passionate lover as Peter. Definitely, some luck is needed for having such a good first try in gay sex”.

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