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    Hi, I am Todd. Well I have no idea whether I am doing the right thing while writing my story here, as it shows me as a complete idiot, but from the other side I am a happy idiot, so I’ll take the chance. I have watched too much German movies, or while being a real macho I got sick of it and wanted to meet a real cougar, mm I don’t really remember what were my reasons for joining, but over three months ago I did it. At the beginning it was interesting for me, but not captivating or exciting. Everything changed when I met Veronique. Mmmm she was like me (I mean same character and same catch) but in a female’s body. Hah that was the first time in my life when I was feeling myself like the victim and not like predator at all. In two weeks, when she finally agreed to meet me, we had a date, after which we went to her house. It was the most amazing night I have ever had, but at 4 am she kicked me off. Mmm one week later she called me and we met again, with the same end of our great date. When she called me the third time, I pretended to be very busy (it was definitely very hard to do it), and same answer with her forth call. On her fifth call, we met again, but this time I was allowed to stay, and 3 days later I moved in with her. So I am very thankful to for giving me such a great chance to meet her.